Coachella 2019: What To Expect

Although it may have started out as just another music festival, Coachella has rapidly expanded into a cultural mile marker that draws in hundreds of thousands each year. Located in Indio, California and spread over three days, Coachella is more than just music, featuring a vast amount of parties, activities, and related sideshows. It has also become a prime destination for camper rental travelers who love to pull up for three days of partying in the eclectic and colorful atmosphere that the festival is known to generate. If this is your plan, then you are no doubt in for a great time, but there are a few things you should keep in mind in terms of what to expect. This way you can be well prepared and have the best time possible at this legendary desert festival.

Desert Conditions

Did we mention that this festival takes place in the desert? Coachella may be a modern festival featuring many creature comforts, but don’t forget that this is the real desert, with temperatures that can soar well above 100 degrees and the type of dry air that can easily dehydrate even the healthiest of individuals. When you add alcohol to the mix, the results can in fact be deadly, so you will want to come armed with plenty of water in your camper. This will also be good on your budget since bottled water is notoriously expensive at the festival. No matter what type of partying you may be partaking in at Coachella, make sure to combine it with the consumption of water for the sake of your health and safety.


Attendance at Coachella has soared over the past five years, so be prepared for masses of people not matter which area you may be in. It is important to plan ahead if you wish to get the best out of this festival, including mapping out the acts you want to see and making sure to get there early so that you can score a good stage position. This also includes aspects such as parking, supplies, and camping areas. Plan for the fact that there will be thousands of fellow festival goers around you at all times and be prepared for the confusion and lack of mobility that this leads to. As long as you know what to expect and have your activities mapped out, you will be able to navigate the crowds and will soon discover that the crush of humanity is what Coachella is all about and what makes it so special for RV rentals travelers.


Not only are tickets not cheap for Coachella, but the grounds are notoriously expensive when it comes to supplies, merchandise, and other items. This is why it is incredibly important to bring your own supplies and edibles. Being well prepared will save you hundreds of dollars, so make sure to stock up before hitting the festival. The first thing you should do is look up the regulations for what can and can’t be brought onto the grounds, then get shopping and stock up on allowed supplies that will last you through the festival. This includes food items, drinks, and basic supplies such as first aid and bathroom items. Should you come unprepared, you will blow through your budget quickly.


Keep in mind that the camping spaces fill up very quickly at Coachella, so make sure to secure yours far ahead. There are many different levels and places for an incredibly wide range of different types of vehicles, so you will definitely want to do your research and lock in a space that will accommodate you, your vehicle of choice, and your travel companions adequately. Once you have your spot secured, then you can rest easy and get down to gathering your supplies and planning your journey. It is also highly recommended that you study the rules and regulations to make sure that you are up to standard and won’t be getting into hassles with the security forces who patrol the festival grounds. As long as you plan ahead and secure your spot, read up on the regulations, and map out your route and activities list, you will no doubt have a hassle free and highly enjoyable time at this festival.

In recent years, hundreds of RV rentals travelers have been pulling up to Coachella to enjoy three days of music and fun in the sunshine of the California desert. As one of the most rapidly expanding festivals in the world, Coachella has grown into a cultural institution that shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. If you wish to join in on the fun this year, then make sure to plan ahead, stock up on supplies, and secure your camping space. As long as you check off these items, you are in for a great experience at the world’s most famous current music festival.

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